This 4-day (32 hours) training is for workers involved with the abatement of asbestos, for asbestos project monitors, and for consultants.

The course content provides instruction on personal protection, state-of-the-art techniques and two days of hands-on training. The focus is on practices and procedures, personal protective equipment, health effects of asbestos exposure, and other information critical to individuals who work in an abatement area with hazardous materials.

Topics Include:
– Asbestos in Historical Perspective
– Asbestos Types
– Uses and Applications
– Health Effects and Medical Surveillance Requirements
– Current State and Federal Regulations
– Air Monitoring and Sampling
– Bulk Sampling and Analysis
– Worker Protection Equipment
– Negative Pressure Systems
– Glove Bag Removal
– Establishing High-Integrity Asbestos Abatement Work Areas, and Proper Abatement Practices & Procedures

This AHERA Worker certification is required by the EPA for a person to work on asbestos response actions in most buildings other than private residences, and by OSHA for Class I work.

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