Terry Clunk



  • Airline Transport Pilot (AMEL)
  • Commercial Privileges (ASEL)
  • FAA First Class Medical
  • Check Airman (United Airlines)
  • Flight Instructor (ASEL, AMEL, Ground)
  • Flight Engineer Written (100 %)
  • FCC Restricted Radio License
  • UAS (Drone) Flight / Pilot
Areas of Focus
  • Aerial Investigations for use in Forensic Analysis, Construction Documentation, Statistically Relevant Sampling, Building Envelope Assessment and Limited Access inspections.
Project Expertise
  • Rooftops
  • Building Exterior/Envelope
  • Overall Project Site Assessments
  • Large Scale Project Evaluations
Areas of Expertise
  • Aerial Investigations
  • Rapid Project Evaluation
  • Construction Documentation
  • Superior Photographic and Video Support
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