This 2-day (16 hours) training course is an extension of the Building Inspector training and teaches how to prepare and update an asbestos management plan.

This course prepares you how to develop a schedule (or plan) for implementation of response actions to hazards or potential hazards identified in the inspection report and how to develop an Operations & Maintenance (O&M) plan.

Upon completion of the Inspector training, this is the initial training for persons who will be responsible for the review of inspection reports, the assessment of hazards, and the development of a management plan for control of asbestos in a building.

Topics Include:
– Evaluation and Selection of Control Options
– Role of Management Planner
– Legal Issues
– Recordkeeping
– Current Federal and State Regulations
– Developing an Operations and Maintenance Plan
– Cost Estimation
– Prerequisites: AHERA Building Inspector Training

This course meets all EPA AHERA requirements.

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